Transfer Station Operator

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Great casual opportunity to join a new team responsible for operating the Mansfield transfer station!

Transfer stations provide vital services to our community, including customers with varying levels of knowledge on how transfer stations operate. With a keen eye for detail, you will maximise environmental outcomes by ensuring that all recyclable material received is diverted from landfill. You need to be passionate about delivering a consistently great customer service experience and maintaining a clean environment.

A Transfer Station Operator provides a vital role in effective and efficient operation of transfer stations whilst ensuring a safe, clean and friendly environment for users, including:


  • Supervise customers and minimise risk by identifying and responding to potential hazards and emergencies
  • Ensure material is received, transported and disposed of in a safe manner
  • Correctly operate, maintain and store plant and equipment

Cleaning and hygiene

  • Ensure all areas of the facility are maintained at a high level of cleanliness
  • Undertake general, startup and shutdown maintenance of facility, including ensuring roads and pathways are kept clean and clear
  • Inspect facility prior to opening and after closing to check for illegally or incorrectly placed material and take appropriate steps to rectify

Customer service

  • Control traffic and provide directions to customers
  • Inspect incoming loads, classify waste into types and reject prohibited material
  • Resolve minor customer complaints
  • Complete non-financial open and close procedures
  • Provide excellent customer service to customers and make every interaction positive
  • Closely observe the activities of customers and enforce transfer station policies, rules and regulations
  • Ensure appropriate conduct standards are maintained and any inappropriate conduct is immediately acted upon


  • Close register including cash and credit card reconciliation and secure cash float
  • Deposit non float cash in accordance with procedures
  • Open register and retrieve cash float
  • Record product sales without error in Vend or any other system as directed
  • Record every time a customer enters the facility in Vend or any other system as directed

Rostering and attendance

  • Set unavailability on Ento employee app
  • Swap and give shifts on Ento employee app
  • Clock on and off on Ento employee app or Ento time clock
  • Apply for leave (full-time and part-time staff only) on Ento employee app
  • Claim ad-hoc allowances and overtime


  • Observe, comply with and enforce employee code of conduct and any other policies that apply at the facility you’re assigned to
  • Participate in team activities, meetings and training
  • Assist in after-hours emergencies
  • Immediately inform your supervisor of any risks or areas of significant concern
  • Other duties as directed that are commensurate with the level of qualifications/knowledge, skills and experience required of the position



  • Drivers licence
  • Forklift licence (desirable)
  • Police check

Skills and experience

  • Operating equipment including front end loaders, fork lifts, backhoes, saws
  • Identifying and dealing with asbestos
  • Preventing and managing fires
  • Manual handling


Enjoy being part of a team committed to environmental sustainability and delivering outstanding customer service.

Classification: Level 4, Victorian Local Government Award 2015

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